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Wholesale Timex watches

Timex, a very successful wristwatch brand active in the global market since 1854, has always been characterised by a perfect blend of expert German engineering and sophisticated Italian design. Though it’s been present in the global market for many years, the brand still manages to excite its audience by always offering new unique and original collections without ever betraying its mission statement: create high-end designer watches with many functionalities, durable and sophisticated. Some of the latest creations: Weekender, Ironman and Expedition specifically designed and realised to meet the needs of watches enthusiasts around the world who need them for work, sports or outdoor activities. All watches are different from each other but they are all characterised by extreme precision, reliability and durability. Timex watches are a must-have accessory, especially for women and men who love outdoor activities and want to wear the perfect watch in every situation. The watches of the Weekender collection are very casual, perfect for those who want to have a watch to wear in their everyday life. Thanks to its interchangeable straps, it is possible to choose from different straps (in leather or nylon) to change the look of the watch even every day of the week. The Weekender collection features three different designs: Reverse (watch straps with a floral pattern), Fairfield (very colourful striped traps) and Chrono (classic watch straps in real leather). The Ironman collection has been created specifically for sports people; for this reason, they are equipped with running accessories and functionalities; at the same time they can be easily used as a normal watch. The Expedition collection features watches specifically designed for outdoor activities; they are perfect for those who love nature but do not want to do without useful accessories like compass, altimeter, barometer and thermometer that can help to have a safer experience.